Hi. I’m KJ.

I grew up swimming in the San Francisco Bay Area and eventually swam at a small college in New England. I loved my teammates and loved the sport, but I am no Natalie Coughlin and eventually my career was going to come to an end. When it did, I was pretty lost. I tried running – nope, not for me. I tried to get into Masters Swimming, and I just didn’t feel the fire.

My friend suggested triathlons. She had recently raced (and did fantastic) in Malibu, and after hemming and hawing, I decided to give it a go. I joined the Oakland Triathlon Club, raced in my first race, and was immediately hooked.

One of the problems with adults in ‘activities’ is that we love to talk about them. So rather than subjecting my friends and family to my triathlon obsession, I’ll instead be projecting it to the public. Thanks for visiting, please stay a while!

swim | cycle | sprint

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