Finally! Good News!

What a rollercoaster the past few weeks have been!

My knee was not too thrilled to be a part of my body the past few weeks. Something was funky, something was weird. I probably should have visited the doctor (do as I say, not as I do), but I didn’t… it seems like it may have worked itself out! Unfortunately, not with enough time to complete the Merry Miles I committed myself to, but I am so glad to know about it and will try to spread a smile on all my workouts going forward.

I took a few weeks off of activity all together. I had some sheer nuttiness in my life (which, for privacy’s sake, I can’t delve into), but there were days when I wished I could have run but knew I shouldn’t. Those were tough! Plus, it’s been too dark (and cold) here when I’m home to get a ride in, so that wasn’t an option.

Christmas Day was my first run back. I did my two-mile “around the block” run – it’s all right turns so I don’t have to wait at any major traffic lights – and to be honest, my knee didn’t feel great starting at the first half mile. I got back out there the next day, and my knee kept feeling like it was going to hurt. You know that feeling? Where something feels off and it seems like it may need to pop or tweak or something… but it doesn’t go away? Fortunately it was fine! And I had a good run! Feel free to keep me accountable and check my Strava.

TODAY was even better news! I started my (ohgodisthisreal) half marathon schedule today with a three-miler on the treadmill, and it wasn’t miserable AND my knee was totally fine! I’m on a cloud right now and super thrilled. Shout out to Mike and Eric for keeping me positive and all the great advice!!

I hope you guys had a great holiday season! Did you get any cool triathlon / running / athletic gear for your winter holidays? I did not, but I did receive a gorgeous wool blanket and I am totally obsessed with it.

So, recap: I failed Merry Miles, but my knee isn’t killing me anymore. Great success. Oh – and I don’t have any good running pictures, so here’s me and the baby kitty we rescued (she’s doing so much better!

This is Itty Bitty Kitty. Her official name is "Pippi" but I doubt that will stick for much longer!
This is Itty Bitty Kitty. Her official name is “Pippi” but I doubt that will stick for much longer!


Setting up for success but met with failure

Well, this morning was a run where everything was set up to go perfectly and it really didn’t go well at all.

Gah. I’ll keep this short. I feel like I wasted my good gear on a crappy run. I know that’s not really how it works, but I’m not sure how else to express it. I was planning on running a 7-mile loop through Piedmont and around Lake Merritt – the same route I ran on Thanksgiving. Put on my cushioned shoes, warm socks, favorite shorts and top, and started the run. Piedmont Ave was really busy but I dealt with it, dodging shoppers and walkers – no big deal – but I think I started out too quickly. I don’t know. Two miles in, my knee was aching every single step.

Well, there's the whole Lake, the whole Lake I couldn't run around today...
Well, there’s the whole Lake, the whole Lake I couldn’t run around today…

I’m frustrated because I can’t pinpoint what’s wrong, I’m frustrated because I got my good gear all sweaty for a short run, and I’m frustrated because I didn’t get to finish my whole run.

I’m currently icing my knee. Here’s hoping it’s doing way better tomorrow!

Running now at 79 merry miles to go.

The Cliched “Dread-Mill” Post

I did a quick 5k on the treadmill tonight and reminded myself of why I haven’t been on a dreadtreadmill in 8 years.

Do you have any motivation tips? Tips to keep yourself entertained? Help me treadmill runners, you’re my only hope!

But really, honestly, I haven’t been on a treadmill for longer than a brief warmup in years. After the first mile I finally found my feet – and didn’t feel like I was going to slip off with every step – but I had to fight for every quarter mile. I’m counting this toward Merry Miles – checking in at 82 miles to go – but I was probably scowling the entire run. Not really the mission behind the message.

How do I become this. Gah.
How do I become this. Gah.


I prefer sushi to foam rolls.

My knee has been acting up a few miles into my runs recently, so I thought it would be a good idea to foam roll the supporting muscles today.

Lesson learned: foam rolling is a practice in consistency.

I have lots of big, long...gear that needs to live somewhere. So it lives next to my couch (roller, Stick, noodle, yoga mat, and... cat toys).
I have lots of big, long…gear that needs to live somewhere. So it lives next to my couch (roller, Stick, noodle, yoga mat, and… cat toys).

There are plenty of foam rolling routines out there. I prefer this one from USAT. Because I’m lazy, I don’t have a good routine to show you other than that one – I roll inconsistently and where it hurts (disclaimer: this is NOT how you should do it! Be consistent! Do as I say not as I do!!).

Today is day four of Merry Miles! I’ve got 85 miles left to go until New Years.


Merry Miles

This is something you want to do. I promise.

I read a post on the r/running subreddit the other day. The poster was sharing why they greet everyone they see on their run – be it a hello, a smile, a wave – and it was touching. Their post inspired a lot of other people, too, as their Facebook page has grown by about 500 members in the past 24 hours.

I learned that day that it’s simply not OK to pass another human being and pretend they don’t exist. There’s no way of knowing at first glance who’s out just enjoying the scenery and who’s at the end of their rope, and ultimately it shouldn’t matter. Every person deserves to be seen and acknowledged.

Please join me in participating in Merry Miles. The goal is to “go” 100 miles between Thanksgiving and New Years. My goal is complete those 100 miles running – I have 90 left to go.