Let’s go.

I’ve said it before and I meant it – I’m still racing.

But this time I’m not ‘still’ – I’m moving. And training. And ready to be back to racing.

Life is as busy as ever. Work is crazy and the commute is longer. But we don’t improve without rising to meet challenges. So here I am, putting it out there: I’m ready to race.

2018 brought highs and lows for me in triathlon. I missed key sessions, I failed to prioritize and manage my time, and I let myself fall backwards many steps. I also captured a 3rd OA at one of my favorite races, got to experience the resurgence of Wildflower, and watched several of my friends and teammates achieve major goals.

The break was exactly what I needed. It provided perspective of what not doing triathlon and training means. I learned a ton from Mitchell and Raeleigh with ETPA, and while I know I’m no expert and certainly have nowhere near the experience as them, I’m taking those lessons and applying them to run my own training. I guess we’ll all see how it goes!


Pity, Party of One

No, I’m not asking for your empathy or pity. Just hosting my own little pity party from my bed.

So I needed to run 5 miles according to my half marathon plan last week. I didn’t get up in the morning and brought my stuff to work, instead. And forgot socks. I never get blisters, and I’ve put in almost 200 miles on this pair of shoes, and I wound up with a massive (ok, not compared to some of the monstrosities Google can present) blister on my right arch.

I’ve been carefully treating the bad boy for several days, and since it lives on the bottom of my foot, there’s very little blood flow and hence… slow recovery.

At least I have my new Topo Hydroventures waiting for me to hit the El Nino-soaked trails once I'm better!
At least I have my new Topo Hydroventures waiting for me to hit the El Nino-soaked trails once I’m better!

And, shocker, this morning I discovered that in the process of growing the giant blister, subsequently ripping through the giant blister, and not stopping, I actually had formed another blister within the giant jerkface blister. Yep, read that right: blister on raw foot skin inside blister one. EFFFF that. I’ve got 11 days until the Oakland Half Marathon, so you’d think I’d be training through it, right?

Well, nope, because I”m in bed. With the flu. Which has gone around my whole office and I thought I missed. Apparently it only lasts 48 hours, but I’m only on hour 24. Wish me luck.

Hi. Sorry.

Well, I’ve been absent, haven’t I?

Sorry. My bad. The moving, new job, and training finally took its toll. I’m back, I promise.

Big news? Race in 12 days, and I’m now a Level 1 and 2 Certified US Masters Swimming Coach. Whooo. I’ll check back in with a training update shortly!


Sorry again.

Race Calendar 2016

I feel like a planning machine.

Spreadsheets are definitely one of my favorite things. Not totally sure what that says about me as a person, but I crave the power to sort and add and control my data.

Now that I think about it, it probably makes me sound like an athlete.

Anyway, I’ve created a race calendar for the coming year. Ok, it’s actually been in production for about a month, but it’s nearly finalized. It shows my planned races, races I’m considering, races I’m volunteering at, races I’m spectating at… it’s got everything. I’ve even budgeted hotel costs. But, I won’t bore you with the details, so check out my “for sures” on my race calendar!

The Call of the Open Water

Oh my gawd it’s frisson* out here!

*Frisson – A moment of intense excitement; a shudder (don’t worry, I had to look it up)

How do you feel about open water swimming? It seems like it’s a really divisive topic – people hate it, people love it, people hate-love it…  Regardless of your feelings, “frisson” definitely captures the feeling of the open water.

My first open water experiences were brief, poorly planned excursions with my swim team in Santa Cruz. Hanging out on the beach, a coach would suggest we swim out to the buoy and back. I hated it. So cold! So scary! So not-what-I-wanted-to-be-doing-on-my-day-off!

This is about as close as I'll get without wearing a wetsuit.
This is about as close as I’ll get without wearing a wetsuit.

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