Escape from Alcatraz – here, let me help you

Escape from Alcatraz is one of the most iconic triathlon races in the U.S. and definitely is a bucket-list event for many people. I had the opportunity to volunteer at the swim exit with Oakland Triathlon Club for the 2015 race.

Date: June 7, 2015      |      Location: San Francisco, CA

Weather: Cool, overcast, 50-60 degrees

Volunteer Location – Swim Exit / Beach Steps

I know what you’re thinking: “What could have motivated you to wake up so early on a Sunday when you aren’t competing?” Well, quite a few things, actually.

See those feet? Ya, you know the ones. Don't enter the water like that.
See those feet? Ya, you know the ones. Don’t enter the water like that.

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Monte Rio – Vacation Wonderland

First race! I competed in the Rodney Strong Vineman Monte Rio Sprint Triathlon.

Date: May 31, 2015      |      Location: Monte Rio, CA

Weather: Cool, overcast, 60 or so degrees

Race: Sprint      |      Age Group: 20-24

Results: Division – 2/5; Overall – 70

Location Distance Pace Chip Time Place (O’all/Div)
Swim 750 m (0:10:38) 1:26/100 m 10:38 7/1
T1 (5:06 min) 15:44 65/3
Bike 20 km (0:42:58 min) 17.3 mph 58:41 71/1
T2 (1:48 min) 1:00:29 61/3
Run 5 km (0:31:37) 10:12 min/mile 1:32:05 138/4
Finish (1:32:05 min) 1:32:05 70/2
Monte Rio
Don’t blink or you’ll miss it.

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